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Hieronymus Cardanus

Hieronymus Cardanus

Pavia 1501 -
Rom 1576

Geronimo Cardano (1501 or 1506-1576), Renaissance philosopher, mathematician and physician. After his studies in Pavia, Cardano taught at the universities of Padua and Milan, before going to Rome from 1534 upon Filippo Archinto's mediation, where he held lectures in geometry, arithmetics and astronomy.
In his main piece, "Ars Magna" (Nuremberg 1545), he published his mathematical formula for the solution of cubic equations (Cardano formula), which made him particularly famous.
Alongside mathematics, Geronimo Cardano also dealt intensively with philosophical issues. In this field he represented a natural-philosophical approach, which he, as opposed to his contemporary Paracelsus, reserved for the educated upper class, while he wanted to see the masses lead by the strict rules of state and church ("De subtilitate", Basel 1547).
Geronimo Cardano's works, mathematical, medical and philosophical, were published in ten volumes in 1663 Lyon.

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